Practicing Healthy Habits While Working from Home

Staying healthy while working from home or living the digital nomad life can be tough. I’ve been working remotely for a little over 3 years now and my eating habits have definitely changed from working in an in-office environment. From a young age, I never had great eating habits, I was always eating whatever I wanted with small stints of “diets” or cutting unhealthy food out. But then I started working from home and my view on eating changed.

Work from home life has made me more conscious and more self-disciplined to not overeat or go on a spiral of junk food consumption. I also have focused much more on my fitness and mental health since transitioning to remote work — not sure why but it’s happening.

Here are my 3 ways that you can be healthier while working from home ⬇️

Use Sundays to plan your meals

  1. Take a day out of the week to plan your eating schedule and meals. It can be a rough number of meals. Also, take into account if you’re eating out.
  2. For every day of the week write down your meals, again this can be broad. Start doing this for 1 day out of the week then 2 days out of the week and build up from there. Think about what your breakfast, lunch, dinner will be and write it down.
  3. Here’s an example of what my partner and I use weekly to plan our dinners and groceries
  4. When you’re cooking try to make a little more for leftovers. Trust me, the next day for lunch you’ll thank me. It’s super easy to eat crappy but if you’re making an effort to prepare you will be set.

Plan your fitness ahead of time

  1. I attend a local gym and hit up the rock climbing gym a few times a week. My local gym has an app where I can RSVP for classes, so it’s super handy to sit down and fit in 2 or 3 group classes.
  2. If you’re attending a gym or an online class, RSVP and commit. No RSVP system? Block time on your calendar dedicated to a 30 min or 1-hour workout such as a solo run, biking, stretching, or yoga.
  3. Once it’s planned, you’re set. Make a commitment with yourself to honor these time blocks and the RSVPs on your calendar.

Set daily or weekly reminders for meditation

  1. Okay! Not everyone will love this one but it’s huge. I never took meditation and the impact it could have seriously until this past year. The more I’ve settled into working remotely and being home most of my day alone I’ve found myself more alone with my thoughts. Meditation for me, even if it’s 1x per week re-centers me so that I’m not overthinking everything or feeling anxious.
  2. Check out Headspace (it’s currently free for folks that have lost their jobs due to COVID-19) or Calm to guide you through a calming meditation.

Keeping my heart active and sweating has been great for releasing stress and for clearing my mind.

How do you practice self-care while working from home?


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Product Manager by day. Hacking away at at night. Happy to chat about remote work or being a woman in tech. DMs always open!

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Irma Mesa

Irma Mesa

Product Manager by day. Hacking away at at night. Happy to chat about remote work or being a woman in tech. DMs always open!

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